Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Thing #8: Being my own librarian

In the eighteen months when I lived in my own flat and had space for two bookcases, I went into librarian overdrive and ordered my books not just in alphabetical order but also by type (fiction, travel, etc). Now I have barely space for one bookcase and most of my books are stored in boxes under the bed, so there is no order whatsoever! Maybe this is a good sign, as it shows I have better things to do with my time.

Anyway, for thing number 8 of Westminster's 23 Things Programme, we have been asked to create a personal library of our books using LibraryThing. As you may have noticed from my LibraryThing gadget on this blog, I have already done this. I mainly use it to record how many books I'm reading, as well as what type. As you can see, I've been reading far too many vampire romance novels recently! Due to my lack of book space, I tend to borrow books from my local library (Balham) or from friends, rather than buy them. Handily, LibraryThing allows you to tag books as read but unowned.

In the spirit of doing something new as part of 23 Things, I've finally got round to rating the books I've read. I still can't be bothered to write reviews of them though!

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